A Renaissance artist lost in Hong Kong: Stefano Tordiglione.

Good news: Stefano Tordiglione Design has been awarded a new prize, the Golden Bund Award – For best Commercial Design (Excellence) for the L’Aurora Fashion Boutique in China!


我們很高興與您分享一個好稍息: L’Aurora北極光時裝店榮獲了” 金外灘獎 – 最佳商業設計獎(優秀)”!

謝謝各位一直以來的支持, 我們會繼續提供優質的的設計服務!

I met Stefano Tordiglione, just a few years back, at dinner in the house of common friends and after exchanging a few words, I understood that the local Italian community – having gained this man – was richer and fuller than before. Stefano’s culture, bon-ton, wit and deep humanity were indeed impressive. The impression he made on all those he met during the following months was equally deep. That was not solely bare blossoming of flowers: heretofore plenty of fruits have ripen on the branches. In a couple of years he has turned into one of the brightest designer, architect and interior decorator available in South China, with his impeccable Italian taste blending harmoniously into the local lore.

Stefano Tordiglione
Stefano Tordiglione


Stefano was born in Napoli, Italy, then studied and worked for over 10 years in New York and London.
His first design experiences were in London during the fabulous early ’90s. Since then he has worked for internationally acclaimed Italian studios specialized in retail, luxury hotel and resorts, residential development and private yachts. His private Studio was founded after a stint as Director of a famous architectural and design studio. The art directions of Stefano Tordiglione can be described as East meets West, where every details is the result of deep research following intuition. With his ‘Mind in Italy’ approach, Stefano strives to integrate local culture and traditions .

Like the masters of the Italian Renaissance he is also creating as a solo artist, with his works now part of several international contemporary art collections. Last but not least he is a consultant for UNICEF as Project and Art Director for several international events.

Stefano Tordiglione through his company ‘Stefano Tordiglione Design’ is able to provide a very much needed multi-disciplinary professional approach to interior design and architectural services, such as: Hospitality, Residential, Office, Urban Planning, Restaurants & Bars.

HONG KONG TEL: (852) 2840 1100
FAX: (852) 2840 1198 email: info@tordiglione.com

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