An image of Leonardo Da Vinci having Oriental eyes?

y_david4[1] The 125 cm bronze statue of David by Andrea del Verrocchio kept at the Bargello Museum in Florence was likely made between 1473 and 1475. It was commissioned by the Medici family and was placed at Palazzo Vecchio in 1476. It may represents a 20 years old Leonardo Da Vinci who had entered into Verrocchio’s workshop around 1470-72. We may notice here his facial features similar to those we see in Leonardo’s unfinished painting ‘The Adoration of the Magi’ kept at the Uffizi Museum in Florence.

y_david2[1]This statue represents a youthful David, the future monarch of the Israelites, just after having cut the head of the slain giant Goliath. The symbolism of such representation was that Florence was like David, apparently young and weak but capable, with God’s help, of winning over stronger states.


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