Australians do it better!

‘These folks are merchants in dead and their business need to be dismantled.’

-Australian PM Kevin Rudd on people smugglers –

Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd – a leftist – two weeks ago, out of humanitarian reasons, promised to solve the problem of illegal immigration in his country. The problem is similar to that faced by Italy, with hundred of illegal immigrants every day entering Italy and Europe through the island of Lampedusa, off the coat of Sicily. The number of those who cannot make the crossing and perish it is not known.

Pope Francis I visited Lampedusa asking for a humane treatment for those poor people, but his good intentions will certainly backfire, as more will come and more will die at sea. An old Tuscan proverb says: ‘The pitiful doctor will make the wound full of maggots.”

Letting children and women drowning at sea it is hardly a sign of human behavior by civilized people. If we give hopes to those poor people to be able to get a better life by entering illegally, they will try at all costs since their native countries are very poor and in a constant state of strife. I’ll do the same if I was with they, with my wife and my children.

Rudd promised action...
Rudd promised action…


The problem is that Italy is not ready to welcome them and this unchecked influx will create violence and exploitation.

I am posting here two articles taken from the South China Morning Post. On the first Kevin Rudd promised a swift solution and a second article in which he delivered his promise, they are just two weeks apart. Something that Italian politicians – out of ignorance and stupidity – will never be able to do. Ditto for European bureaucrats, paralyzed by the idea of being politically incorrect.

Hong Kong during the ’80s faced a larger problem with Vietnamese migrants, but they were able to solve it only by strictly applying immigration laws and not listening to NGOs and improvised Human Right activists.



...he delivereth
…he delivereth



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