Frank Serpico is an Italian citizen.

Frank Serpico is now an Italian citizen.Serpico-Frank[1]

His parents had emigrated from Marigliano (Na) and he was born in New York in 1936.

Serpico’s story became known worldwide after Peter Maas wrote a book about the deadly struggle he had engaged against corrupted fellow cops. Then an iconic movie was shot in 1973, directed by Sidney Lumet and with Al Pacino interpreting Serpico.



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  1. Yes, correct, he was awarded the Saint Michael Archangel Prize by the National Association of Italian State Police. An award coming from the Italian Polizia di Stato and the Ministry of Interior. At the same event, also Special Agent in Charge HSI Andrew McLees and Mayor of Newark Cory Booker have been awarded.

    Thanks to an effort of the President of the ANPS, Chief Inspector Sergio Cirelli, who established the ‘ius sangunis’, Serpico’s italian citizenship is now a dream come true for “Francesco” Serpico, exhibiting his new Passport.

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