Grazia Deledda at RTHK3 Morning Brew on 14.01.2014 with Angelo Paratico and Ciriaco Offeddu









Here was today’s program: together.

Welcome to Tuesday’s Morning Brew. A slight change around this week as tomorrow’s program has been pinched by the C.E…how very dare he…as we broadcast the 2014 policy address, live. We kick off today at 10.10 with best selling author and MB commentator, Tracy Quan, on the phone from New York. It’s Golden Globes all the way, dahhhling! Hopefully, Harvey Stockwin will be joinin…g us later this week, as today is not possible for him. After 11, we’ll find out about “Private Peaceful”, the stage version Michael Morpurgo’s novel for older children, which recalls the (1st world) wartime memories of Private Tommo Peaceful. Its a very powerful anti-war statement, and we will meet the performers. After 11.30, author and classics scholar, Angelo Paratico (with Ciriaco Offeddu) returns with one of his fascinating historical “bits”. Today; why we need to find out about Italian Nobel Prize winner, Grazia Deledda (1871-1936). It’s only logical we follow that, after 12, with the Hip Hop magic of Mr. J-Hoon. One of Asia’s absolute top gentleman rhymers joins us in the studio with his latest tracks.

Angelo Paratico speaks about the literary value of the Sardianian Nobel prize Grazia Deledda, drawing on her modernity and closeness to the Chinese mind, and Ciriaco Offeddu speaks about the noble history and realities of Sardinia.

Click here for the interview.

2 commenti su “Grazia Deledda at RTHK3 Morning Brew on 14.01.2014 with Angelo Paratico and Ciriaco Offeddu

  1. Great radio interview! A very professional radio host, by the way, he conducted the interview in a very lively and entertaining way. I learned and enjoyed a lot.

    The old recording of Grazia Deledda’s voice was really touching. She reveals herself a woman of character and sweet at the same time, a very attractive personality.

    Good luck with the events on Deledda. I look forward to reading her works.

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