Italians are going to vote. Europe holds its breath

Giorgia Meloni

On the 4th of March, Italy will vote to form a new Parliament, and all the polls are indicating that, from the ballots, no clear winner will emerge.
The populist party  5 Stars – an anti-party, anti-establishment movement, born out of the internet revolution, – should get a relative majority but it will be unable to form a government alone and, if it will form one with another party, then, it will betray its founding principle, the pillar on which it had risen.
I am running for the Senate with a center-right coalition formed by Fratelli d’Italia headed by Ms. Giorgia Meloni; by Forza Italia guided by the ‘highlander’ – meaning immortal unless you cut his head – 81-year-old Silvio Berlusconi, and the Lega of Matteo Salvini.
For candidates in the area Asia, Oceania, Africa, the chances of being elected are slim, unless one is an Australian resident belonging to the PD (Democrats of the Left). The PD has full control on the ‘Patronati’ linked to thousand of retired people, seeking their guidance before voting. This is iin clear contrast with our Constitution where at Art.48 if is written that the vote is secret.

Contemporary Italy is in dire straits, assailed by hordes of economic migrants, who refuse to allow the authorities to take their fingerprints on arrival and are without identification papers, and currently with a leftist government which is constantly telling Italians that it is a sign of the times and we should both accept and adapt to it. Well, I am one of those Italians who neither accepts, nor adapts to it.

I regularly write articles, discussing the way in which Hong Kong dealt with the Vietnamese boat people, and how the Australian and Japanese reacted to the chaotic tide of migrants in an orderly manner, then ask myself, why should Italians not be able to do the same?
Another problem is the Euro, the European currency, which cannot function without a full European union, which by now no one wants. When French President Francois Mitterrand wanted to contain German’s economic power, he and his economists thought about a single European currency. C’est magnifique! But with the passing of time, the dream has turned into a nightmare for several countries, including Italy, causing widespread unemployment and deflation.
We are regularly lectured by bureaucrats sitting in Brussels about what we should do with our National debt, and they recommend cutting spending, exactly the contrary of what is needed to revive our economy. With the Euro, our national debt is out of our hands since the Bank of Italy cannot print money and there is no end in sight for such a crisis, with all the corrective measures and tools not functioning. Furthermore, our national sovereignty had been thrown away in exchange for a belated union, and with the Constitution having been steadily compromised by several European treaties.

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