Lavoro, guadagno, spendo, pretendo (I work, I make money, I spend it, I pretend to be served)

The title was a catch-phrase in Italy during the roaring ’70s to describe a self made man, once poor but suddenly become rich, with more than a hint of vulgarity.

A mainland Chinese man, let’s say a local boss, bought a Maserati car in the port city of Qingdao, Shandong Province at 430.000 USD but then dissatisfied with the after sale service he paid a team of men to smash it with sledger hammers in front of a group of puzzled and excited onlookers. He claimed that his new car was rapaired with a second hand replacement by the Maserati dealer. I daresay that this man will soon get into big trouble, the police, the communist party (he is probably a strong local member) will put him under the spotlight. In China no one can buy a Maserati and be completely honest and clean.

The photo (Reuter) is taken from the South China Morning post of 15th of MayMaserati

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