Leonardo Da Vinci’s Greatest Mystery at RTHK3

mfile_2505_286488_2_lDiscussed this morning about Leonardo Da Vinci’s greatest mystery at the popular program Morning Brew, run by the Magnificent Phil Whelan.

Here is the link:


And here are the 2 links wwww.beyondthirtynine.com we discussed about during the broadcast:




5 commenti su “Leonardo Da Vinci’s Greatest Mystery at RTHK3”

  1. Very interesting interview indeed, I was engrossed and fascinated! Your knowledge, Angelo, is
    imposing and stirring. You know that I agree with Margaret: your next book about Leonardo will be
    a milestone, I can’t wait. We will dedicate the next year to the ‘new’ Leonardo, bravo!

  2. Dear Angelo, you are always surprising us! We are now looking at Mona Lisa with a more attentive eye! Lisa Gherardini becomes Leonardo’s mother ( as also interpreted by Freud), with almond-shaped eyes. The Sung dynasty landscape replaces Tuscan nature ( as seen in Flemish-style portraits). Really very intriguing!Thank you!


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