Luigi Bolla. Italian representative in Hong Kong and Macau 1963-69


Luigi Bolla was born in Càrcare, Savona, in 1910. He received140 a degree in Law in 1932 and Political Sciences in 1934.

He then volunteer for the war in Ethiopia, as an officer he remained from 1935 to 1936 coming back with a decoration. He then began his diplomatic career in 1937, and was sent to Alexandria of Egypt in 1938 as Consul; Biserta in 1939 and then third secretary at the Italian Embassy in Berlin in 1940.

During the RSI (Social Republic of Italy set up by Mussolini) he was Secretary of Serafino Mazzolini, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. At the end of WWII he was arrested and tried and freed because he had not committed any crime but, on the contrary, he had saved many lives.

Although he had been “purged”, he was soon after able to start again his diplomatic career in 1949 joining the Commission for the Marshall Plan where he remained until 1951. He was then sent to Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in 1951. Then to Rio de Janeiro, as Consul. To Cairo in Egypt as Counsellor at the Embassy in 1956. Consul at Damascus, Syria in 1958. 1960 until 1963 he was back at the Ministry. Then Consul General in Hong Kong from 1963 until 1969. Then Ambassador in Mexico in 1969. Back to Rome as inspector of the Ministry in 1972.

His diary published in book form: Perché a Salò, diario della Repubblica Sociale Italiana, – which can be translated as ‘Why I joined Mussolini’s Social Republic, a diary’ –  edited by the famous historian Giordano Bruno Guerri was published by Bompiani in 1982.

It is a book of considerable historical value, for it can be useful to explains how an anti-fascist – as he indeed he had always been – could accept to collaborate with Mussolini’s regime to the very end, out of his sense of duty.

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