Medium Emma McIntosh talks to Leonardo. Now we know: Mona Lisa was his mother!

Emanuelle McIntosh is an internationally known intuitive medium, spiritual life coach, WEB sensation and meditation teacher in Heule Belgium. Together with her husband, Gerald, she founded an amazing energy healing centre, the Sakyamuni Spiritual Center for awakening the spiritual awareness inside yourself.
It all started when she was a little girl. She noticed that she was very sensitive to other peoples energy and their feelings. As she became more and more in tune she begun receiving images in her head and hearing thoughts that didn’t seem to her own.

For instance, casually talking with Leonardo Da Vinci she was told what Sigmund Freud understood 1910, that is: Mona Lisa was indeed an image of his mother, Catherine.
See her interview. And the Mona Lisa thing is at 22′

Well, putting aside a few mistakes, we should admit that even after 500 years, Master Leonardo keeps a vivid memory of this done and seen while he was alive.

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