Singer Sita Chan is dead. Let’s abolish all private cars. Hong Kong should take the lead.

SitaShe was one of the brightest musical talents in Hong Kong. Her career and life were over in a sudden, at 2.30 A.M. when her car slammed into a concrete divider in Yaumatei, Kowloon, yesterday, April 17th. Her neck snapped on impact. The cause of the accident was probably due to lack of sleep.

The author of this blog always advocated of the prohibition of cars for private use. Hundred of thousand of men, women, and children are killed or maimed every year by cars, but no one seem to care much.

The automobile is a Moloch to which everything has to be sacrificed: we inhale pollution and dust particles from the engines of our  cars; we build cities for cars more than for humans (car parks, garages, fly-over, with wider and wider roads) indeed monstrous urban areas, sort of concrete cancers, where men are not feeling happy and secure.

Hong Kong is not producing cars and is rightly proud of its first class public transport system, with courage and determination we should take the lead to abolish them. Just imagine what a beautiful garden-city Hong Kong will then be!

I am no Luddite of sort but I am convinced that we should forbid private cars and force everybody, rich and poor, to use only public transport. When fully automatic cars, running with electricity, will be available then the ban should be lifted.

I believe that future generations will look down at us with horror, as a barbaric civilization that did not value human life. More or less like reading that in the ’20es and ’30es all drivers resisted efforts to bluid more secure cars.

My last though goes to Sita, a beautiful creature that had met her cruel destiny far too soon. A wonderful nightingale, that will sing no more.






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  1. We can promote a campaign to sustain the idea of Hong Kong without private cars, the first city in the world. A terrific goal, right, intelligent, that could be a flag for a new social era. Good, Angelo, my compliments

  2. I was also moved by this loss. I did not know Sita Chan until I read the news. For her beauty and prominence, her youth full of promises, she represents all other victims of car accidents, a singing bell for us to stop and think. In Spain it used to be a plague, the highest cause of death in the country. So many of us have experienced loss of loved ones at traffic accidents.

    My wife has a car that we use sparingly. I don’t drive although I have a licence. Picasso did not drive.


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