Successful Book signing at Bookazine on Thursday 30.04.2015 Prince Building.

booksigning3My book on Leonardo Da Vinci was put on sale in Hong Kong.

The interactive blog is here:

Copies were placed yesterday in the main window at Bookazine’s flagship store in Prince Building, 3rd Floor, Central for an hour, at lunch time. The tag price was HKD 150 each. Copies of the book were signed and dedicated for around 60 people – friends and customers – who did turn out for the occasion. The remaining 100 copies were signed.

My thanks go to Kate McDonnell of Bookazine for her great help and unwavering support. And thank you to all the friends who turned out in spite of their busy working schedule.


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  1. Congratulations, Angelo!
    The book signing at Bookazine had the mark of those special moments in Hong Kong: time stopped at the busy Central district and people came to celebrate the love of books and the joy of friendship.
    I look forward to learn more on the Madrid Codex and other secrets that you are unveiling on Leonardo and early relations between China and the West.

  2. Congratulation Angelo, and sorry I couldn’t make it to the book signing event. But I’m looking forward to reading your book. As will all our mutual friends! By the way , you look dashing in the photos!

  3. Congratulations. Sorry I was unable to join. I was in Beijing (for Norma!). I’ll swing by to purchase a copy soon.

  4. Hi Angelo, congrats on this important achievement!I started reading your book and look forward to the unraveling of the theories and mysteries that made Leonardo a Chinese Scholar…

  5. Thank you for your friend’s request. I am much honoured. I will go to the bookshop and ask for this book. I gather you have done much research or empathising. My own first book should be out within a couple of months; it’s undergoing the process of standardisation for the written convention and work with the publisher at this point is much more tedious than I had anticipated. Please look out for my book. Congratulations on this book signing success Chinese are great readers – they have a long literary tradition.

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