The Chinese Rites Controversy, explained by Fr. Gianni Criveller

Jesuit astronomers with Kangxi
Jesuit astronomers with the Kangxi emperor.



Public Lectures on“Chinese Christians in Retrospect”


A Narrative of the Chinese Rites Controversy.

Bitter exchanges were traded for years between the Kangxi Emperor and the Pope about the Confucian tradition of honouring the ancestors. The Roman misunderstanding on the meaning of the Chinese rites lead to the final demise of Roman Catholicism in China and the expulsion and persecution of priests and nuns. This, after all, remains one of the greatest missed opportunities in human history, a ‘what if?’ case-study.  Come to learn more about it.


On the 23rd of January 2014

All are welcome – Free of charge.

Speaker 講者

Fr. Gianni Criveller柯毅霖

Professor at Holy Spirit Seminary, College of Theology 

and Philosophy, Historian and Orientalist.



Fr. Patrick TAVEIRNE譚永亮

Director, Centre for Catholic Studies, CUHK

Language語言: English 英文


時間Time7:00pm –9:00pm

地點VenueRm507, Wu Ho Man Yuen Building 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

(5min. walk from MTRUniversity Station)



Tel :39434277

email : ..

Website : /crs/catholic


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