THE DEW OF HEAVEN by Angelo Paratico Soon Released


Cactus Moon of Tempe, Arizona, will soon release in Hong Kong ‘The Dew of Heaven’ in which I am recounting all the passages of a dramatic finding, happened in Hong Kong in 2011, of the sacred relict said to hold the soul of Genghis Khan, the great Mongol conqueror. The American edition will be released in November.

A limited number of copies will be available – only at BOOKAZINE – starting from 14 of September, and then there will be a first public discussion about it which will be aired at RTHK3 ‘Morning Brew’ on the 15th of September, 11 a.m. My gratitude goes to Phil Whelan for having me as his guest.

Then, on the 2nd of October, there will be a signing event at Bookazine, Prince Building, III Floor. Here my thanks goes to Shonee Merchandani and to Kate McDonnell for their great kindness.

BELLISSIMA ITALIA is also helping to publicize it and thanks are due to the Consul of Italy, Antonello de Riu.

This book deals with the story of the discovery of Genghis Khan’s relict and with the people involved, even if such momentous find was not publicized, perhaps in order not to upset China. It is now believed to be kept in a secure place, inside an unknown lamasery in Mongolia.
This sacred relic did disappear from a lamasery in central Mongolia during the twenties’ or thirties’ while the country was ravaged by communists’ thugs linked to Moscow. After its mysterious disappearance this artifact was thoroughly searched by Japanese, before their 1939’ botched military attempt to take over Mongolia and even by Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler, who were alerted about its existence by Swedish explorer Sven Hedin.

The artifact found its way south after it was entrusted to Gino Montecorvo, an Italian merchant, and to his wife, a Mongol princess belonging to the Darkhad, a tribe in charge of the protection of the relicts of Genghis Khan. This man arrived in China as an officer in the Italian army, sent to Beijing in 1900 with the armies of seven other nations – including the USA – to quell the Boxers revolt and free the diplomatic legations. This is a well-known story narrated – with little respect for the facts – in the 1963’s Hollywood blockbuster movie The 55 days of Peking starring Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner and David Niven.



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