The Name of Arezzo taken by Swire

Photo_3.ashxApartments at the new de luxe skyscraper named after the Tuscan City of Arezzo are on sale in Hong Kong, at 33 Saymour Road in Mid Levels.

This is another project completed by the powerful conglomerate going by the name of Swire Group who owns also Cathay Pacific Airlines. It would be interesting to know if the citizen of Arezzo are aware of the fact that the name of their wonderful city has been used to name a de luxe building in Hong Kong. Probably they don’t know and their city council forgot to patent their name, while Swire did not ask for their permission. This is something happening frequently with European capitals – I myself live in a building named after Vienna.

But the fact that it happens frequently seems not to be a great excuse for not asking. Swire and the others construction companies are probably aware of the fact that if they would ask then they will have to give something in return but why not?

Yes, why not giving something and in exchange getting something back from Arezzo, like an official visit by the city major of the Tuscan city or a show staged by young “aretini’ artists in the lobby of that building?

This will benefit both Swire and Arezzo, which by the way is really a wonderful city of 100.000 inhabitans,  having the black prancing horse of Ferrari as its symbol and being older than Rome – Arezzo was one of the twelve capitals of the Etruscan empire, known as the dodecapolis –  located 50 miles far from Florence. It has been the cradle of many illustrious artists, like Piero della Francesca, Michelangelo,Petrarca and Vasari just to quote a few. Here is the website provided by Swire, containing prices and and breathtaking views of the Bay of Hong Kong from the windows of this new building.

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