The Neanderthal inside us.

image_3629e-Neanderthal-DNA[1]Modern genetics seems to have solved an old riddle which had troubled anthropologists for decades. Did our Homo sapiens ancestors had sex with Neanderthals? The answer is yes, and quite a lot. According to investigations conducted by John Anthony Capra, 35, professor of evolutionary genomics at the Vanderbilt University.

Capra’s comparative studies on DNA have demonstrated that roughly 1 to 5 of modern Eurasians as well as Asian people do possess Neanderthal traits in their genomes.
Professor Capra says that when our ancestors migrated from Africa, rightly 50.000 years ago, with the ancestors of modern Chinese turning right and the ancestors of modern Europeans turning left, some mating with Neanderthals did occur, right before their slow genocide. This fact can be easily verified by looking at African DNA which do not possess any Neanderthals genome.

The Neanderthals were surely stronger (more muscular and tall) and smarter (larger brains) than our ancestors but they had a weak point: they were loners, while we did hunt in pack, like wolves.

This is not all. Professor Capra says that possessing Neanderthal DNA can be a curse for some people as well as a blessing, even if further research is needed.
To possess Neanderthal DNA has a bad influence on addition to alcohol and nicotine and carry more dangers on the formation of blood cloths. Furthermore it seems to increase enormously the predisposition of being depressed, about 1 over 2 people possessing Neanderthals genomic traits will go through depression soon or later in their lives.

On the positive side their genes helped greatly our ancestors to stand the freezing cold of continental Europe and the facility of the blood to form cloths was a blessing when healing wounds, a great advantage in a period of hardship and struggle, but a disadvantage today, exposing us to the danger of strokes and pregnancy complications.

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