The Time of the Mobooks is dawning.

neverjudgeabookIt will happen within the next 10 years. What? The appearance of the Mobooks, a cross between movies and books.
When an author creates a file with his new novel, or with his new history book, it will be uploaded to a computer.
The second step will be for the computer to read it in a fraction of a second, then all the characters, landscapes, situations, will be changed into images selecting particular historical and artistic patterns.

Music will be set looking into existing files and, when necessary, it will be created anew. Then a film will be created sentence by sentence and words by words using look-humans cartoons. In a few seconds the author of the book will have a film made out of his book, which could be sold as a DVD together with the traditional book made of paper. In the future, perhaps, only the film will be produced without the book itself.
This is a process which is already taking place at a low pace but in a matter of years supercomputers will be able to create films by themselves at a very low budget and at an increased speed and artistic quality.

So, the old say ‘Never judge a book by its movie’ will soon disappear, because the movie will be the book, or as we should say the Mobook.



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