Was Leonardo Da Vinci a pedophile?

A powerful wave of repression brought this childhood excess to an end, and established the dispositions which were to become manifest in the years of puberty. Because his love for his mother had been repressed, this portion was driven to take up a homosexual attitude and manifested itself in an ideal love for boys.

Sigmund Freud A Childhood Memory of Leonardo Da Vinci 1911.

This may be offensive to some but it is based on facts. After all this part of Leonardo’s personality, which is well known to his biographers, has never been discussed openly. And here I may claim to have been the first to do so in my book Leonardo Da Vinci. A Chinese Scholar Lost in Renaissance Italy Lascar, 2015.  http://www.lascarpublishing.com/leonardo/

So was he a pedophile? Indeed he was but in the original meaning of the term (i.e. adult attracted by young boys) as it is noticeable by several of his sketches – the most extreme, pornographic ones, were stolen from the Windsor collection at the end of the XIX century by a German zealot and since have disappeared, except one the so called Angel Incarnate which has reappeared in Germany a few years ago – showing anatomic details of male models. Whether he was also a child-molester it is still open to discussion.

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